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(PCI) Data Security

If you accept credit card payments in your store, you are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Our free information will detail for you how Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) can help you comply with the standard. How secure is your customers' credit card data?

- Protecting Customer Information

Real Inventory Costs

The checkout counter is the spot where the customer meets the store. The checkout experience - supported by the point-of-sale (POS) system - strongly influences the way shoppers feel about their store shopping experience and whether they want to return.

- Is Your POS Good Enough?

NCR Counterpoint retail point of sale software

For the past 125 years, NCR has been a leading provider of retail point of sale software solutions. The Counterpoint software is exclusively focused on helping retailers to increase sales, and reduce costs. With the Counterpoint retail POS solution from NCR, retailers of all sizes are perfectly poised to run their business, connect with customers, and sell anywhere.

Features at a Glance
With robust POS capabilities and unique advanced features including purchasing advice, order management, mobile inventory, POS and alerts, eCommerce, and integrated CRM and Customer Loyalty, Counterpoint provides retailers with powerful point of sale software tools. Below are a just a few ways Counterpoint POS software can help you run your business. Please contact us for a demonstration of Counterpoint or to request additional information.

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Robust POS
The Counterpoint software solution from NCR provides retailers with the tools to provide exceptional customer service, while increasing speed at checkout. Some of the POS features include:

  • NCR Robust POS Item pictures -- enable fast lookup and item accuracy. Counterpoint also provides a simplified Ticket Entry user interface based on large buttons suitable for touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, and scanner input. A touchscreen monitor is not required.
  • Configurable touchscreen Ticket Entry: control the screen layout, button behavior, button colors, button text, and even the graphics that appear on each button. Set up one touchscreen layout to be shared by all stations, or create unique layouts for particular stations.
  • Create buttons that run custom actions or multiple actions. Custom action buttons can display forms, run scripts, or print reports. Utilize a powerful and easy method to perform multiple actions from a single button.

Real-time Inventory Management
NCR Real-time Inventory Management The NCR Counterpoint retail point of sale software manages your inventory and out-of-stock conditions to maximize your profitability. The NCR Counterpoint Inventory is designed to help maintain optimum inventory levels, control inventory costs, and track merchandise movement. It provides the tools necessary to track and adjust inventory turns and increase overall profit percent and gross margin. Just a sample of the unique inventory features of Counterpoint are below.

  • Track and see merchandise movement easily : in stock, in transit, and on order
  • Easily define multiple price levels and promotional prices
  • Utilize built-in merchandising reports to analyze current levels, spot sales trends, and make better buying decisions
  • Track serial numbers, inventory grids, markdowns, substitute items, and location specific pricing

Customer Loyalty
NCR Real-time Inventory Management The NCR Counterpoint retail POS software includes customer relationship management tools that provide details of every customer, including detailed sales history, loyalty features, and more. The Receivables Feature adds receivables tracking, account aging, cash receipts processing, finance charges, and statement printing to the Customers application. Counterpoint also has embedded Loyalty Programs, Rewards, and Detailed Customer Profiles. Additional unique features of the NCR Counterpoint Loyalty program are as follows:

  • Retain complete details for every sale and build a valuable database for analyzing trends
  • Track customers’ favorite colors, size, etc. with user-defined profile fields
  • Print targeted mailings based on sales history
  • Define credit limits and contract pricing and track receivables, print statements, and enter cash receipts
  • Use built-in loyalty programs and gift cards to reward customers

Automated Purchasing
The Counterpoint retail point of sale software allows for automated purchasing, providing retailers the tools to control, and automate every aspect of purchasing and receiving. From new Vendor setup to handhelds, Counterpoint allows for advanced vendor, PO and item maintenance. Just a few of the additional Purchasing features are as follows:

  • Automatically calculate and create restocking orders. Purchasing Advice calculates the quantities to reorder based on current inventory levels, commitments, backorders, in-transit merchandise, open PO's, desired stocking levels, vendor multiples, and/or vendor minimum order requirements.
  • Simplify reorders by copying historical sales into new purchase orders. Create seasonal forecasts for your items, allowing you to more accurately estimate future demand based on historical sales, using proven forecasting methods.
  • Order and receive merchandise for multiple stores. For multi-location purchasing, Purchasing Advice can generate allocated PO's. Using location groups, you can order and receive merchandise for a group of stores in a single, combined PO. Counterpoint supports allocated/merged PO's as well as allocated/separate PO's.
  • Create special orders for Customers. Counterpoint makes it easy to take a customer's order from the point-of-sale, place a purchase order with a vendor, track and receive the PO, and fulfill the customer's order.

Order Management
Counterpoint's Order Management supports retailers who process orders from a website, mail order, or customer special orders. Order Management assists all processes, from entering orders and associated shipping information to order fulfillment features such as picking tickets to help retrieve the merchandise to be shipped, and batch printing of invoices. Order Management includes the following features:

  • Manage your counter sales as well as your retail orders with one product.
  • Include multiple shipping addresses per customer and interface to shipping manifest systems with detailed shipping information and weight fields.
  • Fill backorder reports allow you to understand what orders can be filled based on available inventory. Allow orders to be taken throughout the day and batch filled through an edit list, pick ticket, and invoicing process.

Extensive Reports and Built in Dashboard
Extensive Reports and Built in Dashboard NCR Counterpoint retail point of sale software includes an extensive Reports Library to provide all the information required run a profitab le and successful business. With the Reports Library NCR Counterpoint software allows you to:

  • Access hundreds of built-in reports and journals, and print quick reports from any lookup
  • View current conditions as well as historical details, and modify parameters to analyze the data your way
  • Utilize powerful Merchandise Analysis Reports and Sales Analysis by Group Reports to analyze inventory in hundreds of different ways
  • Access a Graphical management dashboard

Smart Alerts Advanced Feature: Smart Alerts
Providing you with instant intelligence, Counterpoint NCR Smart Alerts is a unique service that analyzes your Counterpoint data and transactions. Alerts, which easily can be configured for your business, are sent via SMS text or email when NCR Smart Alerts discovers an action that falls outside the thresholds you establish.

These alerts help you watch your business at all times so that immediate action can be taken against alerted activity that could potentially affect your bottom line. Even if you are in the store 24/7, knowing instantly when these actions are happening can make a significant difference. In addition, it enables an owner or store manager to stay connected to the store activities when they are away.

Link to See Samples of Alerts Here

Advanced Feature: NCR Counterpoint Mobile
Conduct sales from an iPad, iPod or iPhone. With mobile systems, NCR allows you to run your business in new and efficient ways with a technology that adds value, not disruption. Connect with customers by taking the transaction to them at their convenience. Completely integrated to Counterpoint for real-time inventory updates and secure payment processing, you can now sell anywhere. Provide Exceptional Customer Service and a Personalized Sales Experience. Realize the following with the NCR CP Mobile System.

  • Mobile Sales or Returns
  • Inventory Management - Physical Counts now available
  • Multiple receipt options including Email and Print
  • Secure, Fast Payment Processing
  • Integrated barcode scanner and credit card swipe hardware
  • Runs on iPod 4th generation, iPhone 4 or 4S, and iPad

Link to NCR additional information on Counterpoint Mobile

Advanced Feature: eCommerce NCR Retail Online
The integrated eCommerce system from NCR Counterpoint allows you to leverage Your Existing NCR Counterpoint Data and maintain your traditional and online stores at the same time. Use the same administration tools and database to manage inventory, customer records, and customer orders. NCR Retail Online provides seamless and automated integration with your NCR Counterpoint point-of-sale system, saving you time and money on administration and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With easy set-up, flexible configuration, and powerful retail functionality, NCR Retail Online can help you quickly extend your product offering to the web. Enjoy the benefits of an integrated ecommerce system:

eCommerce process

  • Catalog information (items, prices, quantities, etc.) come directly from Counterpoint; data does not need to be maintained in multiple places.
  • Online orders are downloaded automatically to Counterpoint as often as once per hour, thus reducing overhead, and eliminating the need to re-key orders.
  • The online catalog is always up-to-date. Online information is uploaded automatically from Counterpoint as often as once per hour. Eliminate the need to manually run any upload/download processes and lower labor costs while improving customer experience.

Link to Additional Information on NCR Retail Online

Advanced Feature: Customer Connect
Counterpoint includes customer relationship management tools that give you details of every customer, including detailed sales history, loyalty features, and more. Customer Connect extends the customer detail to include powerful Email marketing tools with deliverability that rivals email only marketing companies. NCR Customer Connect includes all of the standard features and functions you need, plus it is the only product that is integrated to your NCR Counterpoint point of sale. Customer Connect allows you to connect with your customers through the following means:

  • Send targeted emails using Counterpoint data, with retail specific templates
  • Access results with Campaign ROI Dashboard and Integrated Reporting
  • See the sales being driven by your campaigns
  • Easily create email campaigns that will launch using data from Counterpoint
  • Access pre-loaded "we miss you" and "welcome" campaigns that you can set and forget

Link to Additional Information on NCR Customer Connect